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I'm a "Full-Stack" Web Developer

I build websites and web applications. Hire me to build one for you.

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I have 17 Years Experience.

Really... I've been doing this since before 2000.

Commodore 64


Over the course of my career I've learned many languages and libraries. Some I'm still using. Others, due to industry trends, have fallen into disuse.

I've listed the pertinant ones here in alphabetical order along with the skill level I'm at, whether or not I'm using it currently, and how long I've been at it.

I'm constantly teaching myself new technologies. Currently, I'm working with React.JS and WebPack... mostly because as a Cordova guy, React Native piques my interest. Also on the 'To Learn List' is AngularJS 2.0 and TypeScript.

Contact me and we can have a conversation about what exactly is the definition of a Full-Stack developer.

Programming, Scripting, & Markup Languages
Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
ActionScript 3.0 Former Expert 6 years ago 8 years
bash (Shell Script) Intermediate Currently Used 2.5 years
CSS / CSS3 Expert Currently Used 10 years
/ HTML5 Expert Currently Used 15 years
Almost Expert Currently Used 8 years
Intermediate Currently Used 4 years
JSP Intermediate Currently Used 3 years
Node.js Beginner Currently Used 2 years
Intermediate Currently Used 7 years
Progressive Web Apps Intermediate Currently Used 2 years
RSS Former Intermediate 3 years ago 7 years
SASS Expert Currently Used 2.5 years
SQL Intermediate Currently Used 10 years
XML Former Expert 4 years ago 7 years
Libraries, APIs, Frameworks, and Tools
Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
AngularJS Beginner Currently Used 1 year
ANT Beginner 4 years ago 2 years
Docker Intermediate Currently Used 2 years
.NET Beginner 3 years ago 5 years
Electron Beginner Currently Used 1 years
Grunt Intermediate 2 years ago 2 years
Gulp Intermediate Currently Used 4 years
jQuery Almost Expert Currently Used 7 years
MongoDB Beginner Currently Used 0.5 year
Intermediate Currently Used 10 years
Phonegap / Cordova Intermediate Currently Used 3 years
YARN Intermediate Currently Used 2 years


Over the course of my career, I've been lucky to work with many great people and companies on quite a few awesome projects. Every one of these relationships have helped me grow technically and socially as a developer. These are a few of the places and/or sites I've been lucky enough to work for or on.

Toll Brothers SAP eBay Enterprise Dockers Bed Bath and Beyond Aeropostale Dicks' Sporting Goods Eastern Mountain Sports Shop Mattel Ace Hardware Haggar GNC Maureces iRobot Levis Tumi PG&E SportChek Sport Authority

About Vince

Since I've been doning front end for over decade, I've seen many things. I've learned some languages that have now become obsolete - Cold Fusion and .ASP scripting. I know some languages that should be obsolete, for instance, Actionscript.

I've worked in Start-Ups (Dot Bombs) to Multi-National Corporations, Small agencies doing local sites to 1000 employee firms working on million dollar a week sites.

Over this time I've seen some of the best code imaginable and some of the worst spagehti ever. This gives me Developer Sympothy... I don't know under what circumstances someone had to code the thing I'm working on. Were they only give vague instructions, or not enough time, or no understanding of the codebase? I'm not going to blame the prevous dev for it's current problems or state. I'm just going to complete my objective and refactor where and when I can. (Or learn from the good code and itegrate those learnings into my own coding style)

I've developed (mostly stolen) some personal guidelines for JavaScript and CSS.

Vince lives in Bucks County, PA with his Wife and three children.

I'm available for freelance work. Tell me about your projects. Contact Me